Saturday, June 23, 2012

FanFiction Friday

As from Friday 29th June, the Team Sexy Volturi Guard blog brings to you....


Every Friday at 10am {GMT} I will be promoting my favourite Twilight Fanfictions right here at TeamSexyVolturiGuard.

So if you have a fanfic you want some recognition for, or you have a favourite fanfic, then please fill out the form below. There is no limitation to how many fanfictions you enter, however they must be Twilight.

Throughout the week, I will check them out and will be recommend them to the TeamSexyVolturiGuard community blog for the entire week for people to view, as well as Twitter promotions.

But don't worry, if your fiction isn't promoted on the blog, for all fictions submitted will be recommended on @VolturiRaven on Friday evening. Also you can re-submit each week, there is no limitations to how often you submit a fiction, as we are happy to promote all Twilight writers. However, I will be keeping a list of all Fictions submitted as record, so you never know when yours may be featured.

If you have any questions you can direct them to me on Twitter at @VolturiRaven

Recommended a FanFic for FanFiction Friday

I look forward to reading your fanfictions and so does the rest of the staff at TeamSexyVolturiGuard.

Volturi Ravens

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