Monday, April 2, 2012

Let's Ask @danielcudmore some questions

Hi, everyone- 
I am going to be attending the Nashville @twi_tour convention April 13-15. I will be blogging and tweeting from @TeamSexyVolturi all weekend. Make sure you are following. The pics will be uploaded as soon as they are tagged, usually within the week of the convention.

The great part about these conventions is we get to ask some questions to the fabulous stars of the movies. This particular convention one of our Volturi members Daniel Cudmore will be in attendance. 

So, let me know by commenting on this post what you want to know about Dan. I cannot guarantee that all questions will get asked or answered, but I can sure try for you all. 

So put on your thinking caps and post your questions for Dan. 
(please do not ask for proposals or anything to personal or embarrassing for all) 


  1. Ohh This is awesome!! I want more details about his role in Percy Jackson and when is release the trailer of Baytown Disco, thanks beautys =) Muacks

  2. I have two questions~ 1. I noticed on recent tweets you're moving a lot. Is that hard on you? 2. Would you ever model for a men's magazine like king size direct or male xl?

  3. 3. I have noticed your awesome watch in a lot of photos and interviews does it have a special meaning to you??

  4. 4. have you ever typed your name into google to see what people are saying or photos that are being posted of you??

  5. Since we have a date to the trailer i have another Q: what country do you like to visit to film a movie?